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how do u ppl listen to a whole fucking hour of jack barakat telling shitty jokes and being his gross self without wanting to jump off the nearest cliff

@RianDawson: Look at me, hitting 400,000 like a real successful guy! Thanks to all of you who must like hearing about music, coffee, Cassadee and tennis!

So get some sleep, we’ve got a briefing before sunrise… Or do I have to knock you out?
You’d love that…
You know me too well.

Title: Cupid's Chokehold (feat. Patrick Stump)
Artist: Gym Class Heroes
Album: The Papercut Chronicles
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i know i’m young but if i had to choose her or the sun, i’d be one nocturnal son of a gun


"how are you doing?"

[makes several vague hand gestures and various noises rather than giving an actual answer]

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skodders asked: skins or mmfd?
"There’s a part in all of us that’s scared and not sure, and when you get the ability to see that in yourself you start to see that everyone is fighting. Everyday. Just like Finn said. So instead of saying you’re fat, and you’re ugly I’m gonna say ‘You are the person who helped your mom out, who saved your best mate, who lives with an illness, but keeps on going.’ Me. I did all that! You’re perfect. You ARE perfect. You can be strong. You can be strong. You CAN be strong.

if today was a song it’d be ‘high school never ends’ by bowling for soup

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i don’t even